Fiddle & Vocals

Darcy Noonan

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Darcy started her violin career at age 7 in Berkeley, California. She learned classical music and supplemented it with weekly Irish dance classes. It wasn’t until years later she put the two together and decided she really wanted to be playing Irish fiddle. Darcy was lucky enough to have parents with an extensive Irish music library and had at her disposal many great artists to influence her including Liz Carroll, Tommy Peoples and John Carty among many others. After escaping High School she travelled around Ireland and found a second home in Galway City where she honed her music style and got to meet and play with many of her childhood idols.

Now Darcy spends most of her time in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing, teaching violin and experimenting with new styles of music.  She also plays with Tipsy House, Kilty Town, and The Get Happy String Band.